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Art Commission TO DO LIST:

ART COMMISSIONS: Please understand that I want to give the best quality that I can, so I DO take a little longer to do each art commission. Especially with this many to do. Thank you for being patient with me.
Click here for more information on ART Commissions.
Doing Art Commissions
⋰Bust:  $8
⋱Waist & up: $9
⋰Full body: $12
:bulletred:Lineart Colored:(Additional $8 for every person added.)
⋱Bust: $18
⋰Waist & up: $20
⋱Full body: $25
⋰Fully body w/bg: $30+
(Backgrounds price range from  $5-$15 depending on what you want.)
⋱Bust: $40
⋰Waist & up: $50
⋱Full body: $60
(Background pricing may vary.)
:iconyarnballcat5s::bulletred:Terms & Conditions::bulletred::iconyarnballcat4end::iconyarnballcat3add2::iconyarnballcat1start:
:bulletred:Payment method: PAYPAL ONLY. - My paypal is
:bulletred:I will start your art after we have confirmed everything and you have sent your payment. I will send you a W.I.P.

:bulletgreen:= Work in progress/Currently working on art!
:bulletyellow:= Sketched/being sketched.
:bulletred:= Has not paid payment.
:bulletblue:= Paid for!
:bulletpink:= On hold.
:bulletblack:= Finished art but has not paid.

Currently working on:
:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: BalletGala (x1 Digital) - Sketched, waiting for reply
:bulletred: LuminousJoker (x1 painting)
:bulletred: Keiya (x1 painting)
:bulletyellow: ShokuxToki (x1 painting)Partial payment made.
:bulletred: TrueImmortalityPending.
:bulletred: carecare13 (x1 digital)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletred: FuckEverythingAndRun (x1 painting)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletred: bjaiiden (Unknown, just booked for later date.)
:bulletred: xTheRainbowDiseasex (x1 painting)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletred: Yumiwolf101 (x1 painting)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletred: GazaCherryPie (x1 painting)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletred: kamam0t0 (x1 digital couple)Pending: No payment made.
:bulletblack: hellgrl234 (x1 Digital)
:bulletblack:xXxButterflyArtsxXx (x1 Digital)

Cheap Art Sale - To Do List!

Edit: Please excuse me if I am slow on getting art to you. I want to give quality work, despite the quantity! xD Thank you for your patience! ♥
To Do list! ♥
:bulletred: Not paid :bulletgreen: Paid :bulletblue: Finished! :bulletorange: Currently working on

:bulletblue: ThePhantomJoke -1 art
:bulletblue:YorukoChikokoro - 1 art
:bulletblue: Figments - 3 arts
:bulletblue: Animedancer7 - 3 arts
:bulletblue: Artlover4life
:bulletblue: Angelgirl1000 - 2 arts
:bulletblue: misunderstoodghost12 -1 art
:bulletblue: Keyune - 1 art
:bulletblue: TrueImmortality - 1 art
:bulletblue: SpiritHairbrush - 3 arts
:bulletblue: sayacutie - 2 arts combined.
:bulletblue: malakanakar - 4 arts
:bulletblue: ThePhantomJoke - 2 more arts
:bulletorange::bulletgreen: BunnyMeroko - 4/7 complete.

:bulletred: soulless-lover - 2 arts

Completed Art Commissions

Completed Comissions: (Most recent to older)
:bulletblue: xXninjapancakeXx (x1 digital)
:bulletblue: hinatais1 (x1 painting)
:bulletblue:Alex Ala Mode (Facebook) (x1 Painting)
:bulletblue: CassidyKento (x1 digital)
:bulletblue: strikesolo1 (x2 digital)DONE!DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: ~Iknowthetruth1 (x1 digital) DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: ~animegirl07 (x1 Digital)
:bulletblue:poochiness (x1 Digital) G.
:bulletblue: XSenkoX (2) (x1 Digital) G.
:bulletblue: XSenkoX (x1 Digital) G.
:bulletblue: Orangelightning123 (x1 Digital)
:bulletblue: animegirl07 (x1 painting)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue:misunderstoodghost12 (x1 Painting)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: DarkAnimeAngel89 (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Strikesolo1 (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue:strikesolo1 (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Mossstar02 (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: CielPhantomhiveSM (x4 Digital)1234Thank you!
:bulletblue: Aliusiusi (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: MozyTheHealer (x1 Digital)DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: RLC - P.M. drinks
:bulletblue: MarsInsane (x1 Digital) DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: BunnyMeroko (x1 Hand painted)PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Hayden (x1 Digital)PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: XxJrockBassistLovexX (x1 Digital)PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: HoneyMango (x1 Digital)PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Whysarasweetie(x1)PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: lostdemonschild (x1) - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue:Eryx-chan - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: BatPhace - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Last-Sunset -PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: - Miss Romo PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Socially Awkward Noob(x2) - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue: Socially Awkward Noob(x1) - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue:Nookummooglie - PAID!/DONE! Thank you!
:bulletblue:IraAndKibaInuzuka -PAID!/DONE! Thank you!



Apr 17, 2014
4:13 am
Apr 17, 2014
3:50 am
Apr 16, 2014
11:59 pm
Apr 16, 2014
9:32 pm
Apr 16, 2014
7:36 pm

Also, I'm still getting questions as to whether we have opened more mail or not, we haven't TDT but I PROMISE!! As I've said before, I update Tumblr with that stuff more than anything: So feel free to check there time to time if you're wondering about the mail stuff. We have mail times that are not posted yet and we still have some mail that needs to be opened. We're not dropping it! It's just coming out really slow, especially since everyone's work schedules conflict with each other, it's really rare for us to all be together at the same time. TDT We'll do it though! .. eventually! So no worries!!

I was tagged a while back by :iconmarsinsane: but I was too lazy to do it until now. FFF +Throws a marshmellow at Mars.+

10 things about me 
  1. I have my soul mate! ♥
  2. I have not watched more than one episode of: Attack On Titan, Free!, the basketball anime, or basically any of the new popular animes.
  3. I usually don't eat the ends of my food. (ex: Burrito, I'll cut the ends off. Banana, I won't eat the top part. etc.)
  4. I miss my friends so badly. asfkg I can't wait for A-kon when we can all hang out again!
  5. I was found at Walmart by a stray, & he came home with me & now lives with me & is the sweetest cat on the planet.
  6. Pretty much all animals I've adopted are rescues or strays off of the street.
  7. I have a little brother
  8. I tend to enjoy anime/manga that is extremely underground.
  9. I'm ticked at my University.
  10. I'm going to go back to working on commissions now.. peace yo!
1. Milk or chocolate milk? I can rarely drink either now. Chocolate milk is good though.
2. What are you wearing? Power Puff Girls shirt & red shorts. (Don't judge my PJs)
3. Is everything awesome? Almost!
4. What is your favorite candy? I love snickers and Twix but I suppose anything that's not super chewy/sticky. (i.e. gummies. But for some reason I like hi-chew. wat.)
5. Are you worried that robots will become sentient and either take over or destroy humans? No, but oddly enough if I see something remotely close to a living thing but it's a robot, I hope that people respect it like a living creature. I'm weird.
6. Are you a little teapot? Short? Stout? Sometimes.
7. Who is/are your favorite actor(s)/actress(')? I suppose J. Depp!
8. What song is stuck in your head right now? The damn teapot one you just mentioned.
9. How's the weather? Forever changing. Get your shit together Texas.
10. Pudding? Is good.

My Questions: IDFK. I CAN'T THINK. +flops+
Constantine by the-last-lefianPhantomhiveService by Kaylasaurgoesrawr
I've been getting questions about art commissions!
Here is a link to all that you need to know, if you still have questions, don't be afraid to ask! ♥…
Doing Art Commissions
⋰Bust:  $8
⋱Waist & up: $9
⋰Full body: $12
:bulletred:Lineart Colored:(Additional $8 for every person added.)
⋱Bust: $18
⋰Waist & up: $20
⋱Full body: $25
⋰Fully body w/bg: $30+
(Backgrounds price range from  $5-$15 depending on what you want.)
⋱Bust: $40
⋰Waist & up: $50
⋱Full body: $60
(Background pricing may vary.)
:iconyarnballcat5s::bulletred:Terms & Conditions::bulletred::iconyarnballcat4end::iconyarnballcat3add2::iconyarnballcat1start:
:bulletred:Payment method: PAYPAL ONLY. - My paypal is
:bulletred:I will start your art after we have confirmed everything and you have sent your payment. I will send you a W.I.P.

:bulletblue:Picarto (Live drawing):bulletblue:…
:bulletblue:PhantomhiveService YT:bulletblue:…
:bulletblue:PhantomhiveService Tumblr:bulletblue: phantomhiveservice-asks.tumblr…

A-KON! (In Texas) 

99 deviants said I'M NOT! (SOBS)
22 deviants said I'M GOING! (Whatchya guna cosplay?!)

SayWHAT? You need that!!

FAN PAGES: (They are controlled by fans, not me. ^^ ♥ )
:bulletgreen: Fan Tumblr fyeahphantomhiveservice.tumblr…
:bulletgreen: Fan Facebook page…
:bulletgreen: Fan Facebook…
:bulletgreen: Fan Facebook page…
:bulletblack:"I'm not a paid SUPERMODEL, I'm a COSPLAYER, so don't EXPECT me to be PERFECT." ~Kajo.
:bulletblack:"Film is life with the boring parts cut out."
~Alfred Hitchcock

Catch me drawing online!…


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:squee::squee::squee: Thank you so much for the fav!! ^o^ If you want to see more of my work then click here
KuroAkumaKitsune Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
goodness you have inspired me to do the girlfriend tag with my girlfriend. me and her love watching your videos when we aren't busy with school (her) and college (me). you always cheer us up when we are down. I really just want to thank you all. everything you do is inspiring. your art, your attitude, your smiles EVERYTHING, thank you and gomen for bothering you all. have a wonderful day~!   

~Landon the Deer~
xbluephantomx Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I was wondering if you could donate anything for my contest since it's Black Butler related and I love your cosplays! Even just a feature space somewhere would be nice. thank you!…
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Thank you so much for the watch. Much appreciated. :icondashishappyplz:
IndecisiveWombat Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Omg i feel so creepy right now -screams and hides face in what ever there is anywhere.-
I found your Facebook out of the blue and I wanted to know if I could add you.
I ask on here because Facebook is pretty personal and I don't just wanna be a random add and/or rudely intrude. ;u ;
Also because I miss you guys and there's more pictures and I want to bask in your and Grellzypoo's beauty.
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